Weddings Virgin Gorda: Blog en-us (C) Weddings Virgin Gorda (Weddings Virgin Gorda) Thu, 28 Oct 2021 16:37:00 GMT Thu, 28 Oct 2021 16:37:00 GMT Weddings Virgin Gorda: Blog 120 80 A Clearer Vision for 2020 Yes, it sounds cliche.  But the new year affords us all the opportunity to re-calibrate our focus, clear the cobwebs hindering our vision and remind ourselves the objective that we have set at the onset of the year gone by.

The year 2019 has been a big challenge for the company.  Still reeling from the record-setting hurricanes of 2017, it is almost an impossible task to keep going.  But the support of the community bonding together and overseas clients turned friends has been a big boost in our effort to get back on the saddle.

Still far from the numbers of pre-2017, we are very happy to see that the tourists are back.  Couples young and old have tied knots, renewed vows, and committed to relationships ushering the season.

There are a couple of projects which finally took off after years of planning.  Noteworthy is the photoshoot for Lisa Mead's cookbook -  a project that has been put off the last couple of years due to forces of nature.  We are not sure who is more excited that this is finally happened - Lisa, a culinary icon in the BVI sailing community and a celebrity chef in her own right, or us.  But we are all grateful that finally, the book will see print very very soon.  We will keep you posted on this as this book is a culinary gem.

But life is not all cherry.  We have had some really life-changing challenges that we faced.  But as it goes, all's well that ends well.

The Chinese zodiac says 2020 is a year of the rat.  Incidentally 2 of our photographers were born under the same zodiac including our founder Mar Javierto.  In the Chinese culture, rat is a sign of wealth and surplus.  Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.  Well, we are hoping that their presence will usher a prosperous and meaningful year for WVG.

To all, may your dreams and hopes see the light in 2020.



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Getting married in the BVI? BVI MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS 

The information below outlines the marriage requirements for getting married in British Virgin Islands.

You are required to be in BVI three (3) days before you can be married. To get married in the BVI the bride and groom need to be in the territory for one day. This does not mean you cannot apply for the marriage on the day you arrive, but that you cannot get married before you have spent one full day in the BVI.

You can apply for a marriage license on the same day of arrival at the Attorney General’s Office located on the second floor of the Central Administration Complex, Road Town, Tortola and the Virgin Gorda Immigration Office. The application needs (3) business days to be processed.

The requirements of the Attorney General’s office are:

·       The cost is $220 for the wedding license and $220 fee for the actual marriage. Each marriage certificate will cost $25.

·       Your passport as proof of identity and date of arrival in the British Virgin Islands.

·       Proof of marital status (certified or original copies of decree absolute for divorced spouses or death certificates for deceased spouses.)

·       Two witnesses for signing license application and to be present at the marriage ceremony.

·       *(witnesses need not be the same for both exercises; persons in BVI may be selected as witnesses)

Having applied for the license, you go to the Registrar-General’s Office to schedule an appointment for the date and time you propose to be married. We recommend pastor Bishop Ricketts, he is amazing, his telephone number is 1 (284) 495-5543. Cell: 1 (284) 441-5541. E-mail: [email protected].

The Registrar, who is the marriage officer, will require a complete application showing the following information:

·       The names of the two parties as it appears on your travel documents

·       The ages of both parties

·       The occupation of both parties

·       Marital status

·       The names of the two witnesses to the ceremony

If you wish to be married in a church of your choice, you must make arrangements with the Minister of the church in advance. Please travel with proof of your identity such as passports, driver’s license or original birth certificates and certified copies of your marital status. Blood tests are not necessary.

The registrar’s office should be contacted for specific rules regarding planning your destination or beach wedding in British Virgin Islands. They will also provide information regarding marriage licenses and marriage certificates.

Registrar’s Office, Box 418, Road Town, Tortola, B.V.I
 Tel: (284) 494-3701, Ext 5001 or (284) 494-3492.


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Nothing Escapes a Camera 14 Nov 14 - M-601414 Nov 14 - M-6014 It was the second wedding I shot in 2 weeks in the the same venue--Spring Bay.  It's one of the more popular beaches in Virgin Gorda.  Tourists and locals alike come here for a picnic, a swim or snorkel or just marvel at the giant boulders which dot the beaches from Spring Bay to Devil's Bay including the world renowned The Baths.

Simply put, people come here because the place is truly gifted and blessed with beauty.  A spectacular sunset is the icing of this nature's cake.

Spring Bay is one of my favorite wedding venues.  The lighting can be challenging sometimes but mostly you get the golden rays of sunset.  

There was a slight drizzle during this wedding and I took my wedding couple under a tree by the shore and the overhanging branches and leaves provided cover from the rain.  Forgive me but I am not really sure which type of tree is in the picture as the trees on this shoreline are all mixed together and I am only familiar with the seagrape tree which I think this is not. :)

Anyways I snapped a couple of shots and after liking what I see in the viewfinder, I snapped a few more.  Then off we went back to the open when the rain stopped.

While culling through the photos back at the office, I checked the photos taken under the tree.  I really liked the lighting and the way the leaves and the branches were covered with rain drops.  Panning my gaze from left to right and... "boom! goes the dynamite" (I love Family Guy). 

At first I didn't know what it was as it was blurry so I had to check the rest of the photos in the series.   Zooming in, it was an empty can of beer.  I must have missed it while shooting because it's also green like the foliage.  Normally I scanned my background before I press the shutter button.

Granting the empty beer can can be "photoshopped" and magically vanish,  the sad reality is the empty beer can could have been there for God knows since when.  It's trash.  It does not belong on a tree branch.  

There's only one in the photo so why are you freakin' out Mar?  Because if there's one, there could be more littered around.  And I am not freaking out because of the minor "ruin" in the photo.  I am concerned because it's a symptom.  If we do not address this symptom, Spring Bay, Devil's Bay and all the other really cool spots will be littered with trash.   Heads up parks and wildlife department.

As a photographer who makes a living shooting photos of the BVI, I can contribute to the upkeep of the parks, beaches and other locations by bringing with me a bin bag so the next time I come across something like this in the photo, I can put the trash straight to the bag.

This is a cool and uncomplicated way on how ishootBVI as a business can impact the environment and contribute to the community.  Make it a company policy for the photographers to carry a bin bag in case you come to a location littered with trash.  






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